Our Mission

Dr. Mary Tilak and Associates is a multi-disciplinary primary care organization that delivers accessible and equitable, comprehensive and safe preventive care and chronic disease management.

We incorporate technology to promote patient engagement and ownership in their personal healthcare journey.

We bring cross functional teams and specialists together to collaborate and deliver care safely and effectively.

We incorporate actionable data to empower our cross functional teams in their workflows, to ensure patient centered and population centered intervention.

We educate the community on disease-specific and population-specific lifestyle interventions through our radio and other social media platforms.

Types of Care

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Preventive Care

Annual visit with your primary care provider to establish a comprehensive and specific preventive health strategy for the year.

This will include, nutritional and lifestyle recommendations, age appropriate cancer screening and adult vaccination, mental health assessment and recommendation, cardiovascular risk assessment and prevention strategies.

Medicare annual wellness will include along with the above Fall risk assessment, dementia screening and Advance Care Planning (ACP)

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Allergy Testing and Immunotherapy

Nearly 1 in 3 US adults and more than 1 in 4 US children reported having a seasonal allergy, eczema or food allergy. Allergies can go undetected for years but continue to create a state of chronic inflammation in the body that can have significant impact on the physical and mental health.

Once you are evaluated by our board certified physician, if allergy testing is recommended, we will perform testing of 50 environmental allergens and 50 food allergens. Results are reviewed and a path to immunotherapy to address the specific allergens will be provided.

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Chronic disease management

High-touch visits both in-person and virtual (video visits) with your primary care provider. Care coordinated through a cross functional team.

Aimed at aggressively managing chronic diseases like Diabetes, Obesity. Hypertension, Hyperlipidemia, Sleep disorder, Kidney and Heart disease, Depression and Anxiety to improve patient outcomes and patient experience while ensuring patient safety.

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Acute/Post Acute care

Our goal in Value based Primary care is to manage chronic disease states aggressively to prevent deteriorations that would require hospitalization.

But if there is need for hospitalization, our team will virtually engage with the hospitalist group during acute hospital stay and engage with the patient and/or family within 48 hours of discharge to transition the patient back to the community and prevent re-hospitalization.

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End of Life Care

Our team supports the patient and the family with medical and emotional needs during the time surrounding the end of life.

This type of care will be catered to each individual patient's wishes and may be needed for days, weeks or sometimes months before death.

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Additional Services

INCHES (Dr. Tilak's Aggressive Weight Loss and Cardio-metabolic solutions) provides a comprehensive medically supervised and safe approach to long term weight management.

It encompasses nutrition and behavior modification along with medication management for weight loss and co-morbid conditions such as diabetes and depression that can lead to weight gain.

We incorporate technology to allow real time exchange of biometric data like weight and blood pressure along with continuous lifestyle management support and education.

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Center for Sleep

State of the art, multi-disciplinary sleep center to diagnose and manage sleep disorders.

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Mental Health in Primary Care

Virtual and in-person mental health management in a collaborative care model offered through your primary care team.

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