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We envision patient-centered and technology-enabled primary care delivery that is readily accessible to everyone eliminating inequity in healthcare and creating families and communities that live longer and healthier lives.

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Our Journey

In the fall of 2001, after post graduate training in Internal Medicine at the University of Illinois/ Michael Reese Hospital, Chicago, Dr. Tilak started her practice in NWI. Her experience with extensive chronic disease states that led to end organ failure like heart failure and kidney failure requiring dialysis for sustenance of life in young men and women of all ethnicities and socio-economic background, drove her stay in primary care and drive a preventive care model in the community.

The practice continued to evolve, built on trust and quality of care. New practice sites were opened to expand the communities access to care. Board certified Nurse practitioners with many years of service in the community joined the practice to extend preventive care and chronic disease management  across the county.

With the passion to transform healthcare into Value Based Care, where access to healthcare and patient engagement is vital, the organization under Dr. Tilak's influence became one of the forerunners in transitioning to EMR and patient portal in 2010. The organization has continued to incorporate technology to further enable patient engagement and experience. Currently providers go between in-person visits and virtual visits through HIPAA compliant platforms seamlessly.

The organization nurtured a strong "movement" to influence transformative change in healthcare. Under Dr. Tilak's leadership more physicians and Nurse Practitioners became aligned in their purpose and mission to drive quality outcomes and be incentivized through "Pay for Performance" models than "Fee for Service" models.

Physicians, board certified in Family Medicine, Geriatrics and Functional Medicine joined the team to propel the organization's mission in Population Health and Value Based Care.

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