Cross-functional Teams

Innovation in healthcare delivery is fundamental to creating value.

The human infrastructure needed for this innovation in healthcare delivery is centered on developing and empowering highly efficient and cross-functional "Teams".

The "Teams" create the "The Safety Net Approach" and continues to be Dr. Mary Tilak and Associates' commitment to innovation.

Technology and Actionable Intelligence (Data analytics) empowers the teams in driving quality and patient safety.

Our Teams

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Population Health Management Team

Drives data driven outreach to patients needing timely preventive care and chronic disease management visits with the providers.

Helps appropriately assess the risk of a population and drive resources accordingly to manage the risk through quality care coordination.

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Quality Care Coordination Team

Enhances the outcomes of the patient visits with providers through pre-visit planning and post visit navigation of prior authorization and referrals to other segments of healthcare.

Works with patients to bridge quality gaps.

Supports management of chronic disease states in a team based approach under the supervision of a provider and the Medical Director.

Transitions patients from acute hospital care back to their homes through a coordinated approach with the providers.

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Patient Engagement Team

Works with the patients in the community to nurture ownership over their healthcare journey. Manages communication with the patients to streamline their needs.

Drives population health through data driven outreach to the patients to help them remain consistent with their provider visits for both preventive care and chronic disease management.

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Patient Care Coordination Team

Works closely with the patient and the provider during the office visits, both in person and virtual (televists).

Supports education of the patients on their diagnosis and management.

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Registration  and Revenue Cycle Management Team

Works with the insurance to confirm eligibility.

Updates patient demographic information.

Manages the waiting room experience.

Supports the financial management of the cost of care.

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Dr. Mary Tilak, MD, MBA

Dr. Mary Tilak is a board certified physician in Internal Medicine and Obesity medicine. She has been in the frontlines of delivering value based care to this community for the last two decades.

She embraces the privilege of mentoring physicians and nurse practitioners in the transformative model of primary care. She continues to dedicate time to mentorship in order to enhance the accessibility to comprehensive and safe primary care in the community.

She believes that "listening to the patient" is a provider's best tool and "empathy" is the provider's best medicine.

On a personal note, she is a wife and a proud mother of two boys, Nick and Noel. She always reminds her colleagues and staff of the importance of family in everyone's lives.

Dr. Joanne Niere-Ramos, MD

Dr. Joanne Niere-Ramos is a board certified physician in Family Medicine and Geriatrics. She did her medical schooling at the University of Santo Tomas School of Medicine, Manila, followed by post graduate training in Family Medicine at the West Virginia University -United Hospital Center and fellowship in Geriatrics at the IU school of Medicine, IN.

She prides herself as a daughter, mother and wife, who has dedicated her career to driving a preventive approach in healthcare.

She is very passionate when interacting and caring for the geriatric community and strongly believes in quality of life.

She is compassionate and empathetic and looks forward to continuing to contribute towards the health of our community.

Dr. Gagandeep Kaur, MD

Dr. Gagandeep Kaur is a board certified physician in Family Medicine.

She did her medical schooling at the Windsor University School of Medicine and completed her post graduate training in Family Medicine at the West Virginia University - United Hospital Center.

She embraces the amazing bond she nurtures with her patients and their families by being a Family Physician.

She believes that helping her patients achieve their health goals and control their chronic medical conditions is a truly humbling privilege.

Dr. Kaur has been practicing primary care in our community since 2019 and looks forward to many more years of contribution to the health of our community.

Dr. Jonathan Ramos, MD

Dr. Jonathan Ramos is a board certified physician in Family Medicine.

He did his medical schooling at St. George's University, Grenada, West Indies and completed his post graduate training in Family Medicine at the West Virginia University- United Hospital Center.

He has been practicing primary care in NWI since 2018. He hails from Crown Point, Indiana and feels humbled by the opportunity to return to his hometown as a doctor and care for the people who contributed to his healthy youth.

He finds satisfaction in developing mutual respect and understanding with his patients and cherishes the trusted bond developed through years of this patient -physician relationship.

"I believe in shared decision making with my patients and strongly promote patient centered preventive care" says Dr. Ramos

Dr. Cheryl Anthony-Worix, MD

Dr. Anthony-Worix is a board certified Internal Medicine physician with almost three decades of dedication to the health of our community. She graduated from Grinnell College Iowa. and went on to pursue medical schooling at Southern Illinois University. She subsequently completed an Internal Medicine Residency at Northwestern, Chicago.

"I will continue to drive and support my patient's commitment to preventive health and effective disease management, as their primary care provider," says Anthony-Worix.

Elizabeth Case, NP-C

Elizabeth is a board certified Nurse Practitioner with several years of service in our community. Before becoming a Nurse Practitioner she dedicated her time as a registered nurse supporting the healthcare needs of the most vulnerable homebound patients. Since her graduation from Purdue University, Master Of Nursing she has been part of Dr. Mary Tilak and Associates driving preventive care in areas with less access to comprehensive care and continues to expand her access through in-person and virtual care.

"I am committed to delivering patient centered care in a collaborative team approach to ensure patient safety and outcomes" says Elizabeth Case.

Bethany Michaelis, NP

Bethany is a board certified Nurse Practitioner who started her career in healthcare in the hyper acute space in ICU. Since her graduation from Purdue University Master of Nursing, her focus has been in keeping patients out of the hospital and out of the ICU. This meant, driving preventative care in the community through increasing access to care and providing comprehensive chronic disease management under collaboration with physicians. She takes pride in facilitating cross functional team navigation for the patient and their families.

"I strive to deliver the best outcomes for our patients through shared decision making amongst our team of physicians, NPs and care coordination staff" says Bethany Michaelis.

Brandy Alicia Kirk, DNP

Brandy has served the community of NWI for more than two decades as a Registered Nurse in Cardiology and other Medico-Surgical specialties.

She completed her undergraduate education in Healthcare Planning and Administration from the University of Illinois and Bachelors in Nursing from Purdue University. Through her many years of committed service in our community in the acute care setting she recognized the urgent need for better access to preventive care and high touch chronic disease management in the community to drive value in healthcare.

She pursued further education and graduated as Doctor of Nursing Practice from Valparaiso University and is board certified as a Family Nurse Practitioner.

“I am excited to join Dr. Mary Tilak and Associates to continue serving the people of my community through the provision of excellent care. I hope to establish valuable and lasting patient relationships to enhance and optimize their health.” says Brandy.

Michael J Lane, DNP

Michael is an experienced clinical provider with a strong history of working across the extended spectrum of healthcare delivery from Emergency rooms to Acute Mental Health inpatient care and transition to Community-based ambulatory care.

He graduated from RUSH University, Chicago with a Doctor of Nursing Practice specializing as a board certified Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner.

Michael is also a proud US Army veteran and continues to service our nations' veterans, active duty military and first responders with a commitment to enhancing their health and happiness.

"My continued passion, dedication, and relentless quest for knowledge has prepared me to dedicate my career to helping a misunderstood, underserved and stigmatized patient population with mental health conditions." says Dr. Lane.

Michael's desire to improve knowledge and access to mental health treatment as well as create and grow multi-disciplinary, team based patient centered care models drove him to become part of Dr. Mary Tilak and Associates, who have dedicated more than two decades of their time and resources to patient centered and community based care delivery.

Toya Woods, FNP-BC

Toya is a board certified Family Nurse Practitioner who started her career as a Registered Nurse at The Methodist Hospitals several years ago. Her dedication to her patients and the community showed her passion and perseverance in creating a safe and comprehensive healthcare service. She decided to further her education and graduated with her Masters in Nursing in 2019.

She began her service as a Nurse Practitioner at a very critical time in healthcare when the COVID-19 was hitting pandemic proportion.

"I started serving the community through a local urgent care organization and realized very quickly the burden of chronic diseases and the need for preventive care in our communities. This drew me to Family Medicine and Primary care where I can follow the patients longitudinally, build meaningful and trusted relationships, nurture compliance and deliver change in a collaborative manner."

"I am excited to be joining Dr. Mary Tilak and Associates and working collaboratively with Dr. Jonathan Ramos. I am looking forward to growing strong with a dedicated and ethical group of providers and contributing to enhancing access to preventive care." says Toya Woods.

Elizabeth Vasquez, NP

Elizabeth (EB) is a Board Certified Nurse Practitioner who started her career in healthcare as a registered nurse delivering care to high acuity patients in the Emergency Room. She quickly recognized how patients’ outcomes can be improved and cost of healthcare reduced by taking a preventive approach to disease management through high touch primary care and prevent decompensation leading to ER visits and hospitalization. She furthered her educationand graduate with her Masters from Purdue University.

Her empathy for the sick and the elderly is palpable in her interactions with patients and their families and it reflects the difficulties she endures daily as a mother who proudly cares for her special needs son with Kleefstra syndrome.

“My life and work experience has driven me to make a larger impact on the health and wellbeing of our community. Being part of Dr. Mary Tilak and Associates gives me the platform to be part of this much needed transformation in healthcare” says EB.

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