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Over the last two decades TAWL has evolved strongly, founded on evidence based medicine and patient centered engagement. We are committed to breaking the vicious cycle of Obesity.

Inches provides direct and ongoing engagement between the patient and the weight management team. Patient recorded data from wearables and home monitoring devices are directly transmitted into our EHR system. This actionable data drives the Inches team to respond and intervene with guidance to achieve the best outcomes.

Inches also provides continuous education and behavior modification support virtually and in-person to attain long term success.

Our Journey

Dr. Mary Tilak is an Internist and Obesity Medicine specialist who treats multiple complex medical problems in the acute care hospitals and in the community. She realized very early in her career that unless she broke the vicious cycle of Obesity, she will not be successful in improving the quality of life and outcomes for her patients. Her passion and dedication to finding a solution to manage Obesity made her start TAWL in the parking lot of her primary care office many years ago.

Since the initiation of TAWL more than a decade ago, the program has continued to evolve strongly as a medically supervised and comprehensive weight management solution.

TAWL that has overtime evolved to INCHES adopts data driven and technology enabled processes delivered by cross functional teams under the guidance of well trained and board certified physicians and nurse practitioners.

With our evidence based and medically supervised weight management solution our patients not only continue to lose weight but also manage many chronic medical problems like Diabetes, Hypertension and Sleep disorders with lesser number of medications and cost and achieve improved quality of life.

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